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Activities at Minga Lodge & Reserve

Choose your own adventure!

Rainforest hike

With an expert guide, hike deep into the Amazon rainforest to discover its unique flora and wondrous wildlife. There are still new species of plants and insects being discovered!


Paddle down a tributary of the Rio Napo by canoe or kayak where it is not unusual to spot more than 30 species of birds in one hour, like the prehistoric looking Hoatzin, as well as majestic eagles.

a group of people walking through the rainforest
Amazon expedition

Just after sunrise hop into your expedition vehicle and take a journey deep into unexplored corners of the Amazon. This is the ultimate off-road adventure!

Fishing Adventure

Reel in the catch of the day as you fish in quiet tributaries running off of the pristine Rio Napo. Explore the waters and savour the thrill of angling in the heart of the Amazon.

Melipona Bee Rescue Center

Learn about this stingless but powerful pollinator important to farmers, crops, biodiversity and reforestation in the Amazon. See which of its honey you like best in a honey tasting!

Chocolate making (and tasting!)

Meet with cocao farmers and learn to make chocolate from the bean.  Visit our professional test kitchen for a chocolate tasting complemented by familiar ingredients, and unique ones!

Minga Agricultural Learning Center

Take a tour through the 173-acre farm. Visit Flavor Alley where you will sample some of our in-season fruits and vegetables that could be new to you! Take note of all the superfoods you find along the way.

Coffee tasting

Start your day with a coffee tasting of locally sourced and expertly roasted coffees. Try your hand at scoring the aroma, acidity, body, and flavor of coffee prepared in several ways.

Traditional Kichwa cooking

Visit a local farmer to help him harvest fruits and vegetables from his farm. Take them back to Minga Lodge and join our Kichwa chefs for a cooking lesson that transforms local ingredients into delicious traditional dishes like fish wrapped in palm leaves.

Jewelry making

Meet skilled female artisans and learn how they generate income through traditional jewelry making. Their unique jewelry pieces are entirely local, made from nuts and seeds collected in the rainforest.

Weapons training

Follow the footsteps of an Indigenous weapons expert and learn how to throw a spear and shoot a blowgun. Test your precision as you take aim at targets of papayas mounted on sticks.

a local shaman wearing a headdress with feathers on his head
Shamanic blessing

Join a local shaman for a traditional cleansing ceremony and blessing. The Elder also explains how certain plants can be used for medicine and healing.

Gold Panning

Strike gold on the Rio Napo's shores. Join our expert guide to unearth a glimmering nugget and discover how locals support their households in this unique experience.

Forest Bathing and Meditation

Immerse yourself in the Amazon's natural embrace. Find serenity through a meditative forest walk, where the sights and sounds will soothe and heal. Suitable for all nature enthusiasts.

a group of people doing yoga on a deck
Yoga Oasis

Find inner peace with our in-house yoga classes set against the backdrop of the Amazon rainforest. Rejuvenate your body and soul with classes available upon request.

a group of people walking through the rainforest
Massage Therapy

Escape into pure relaxation with our in-house massage services. Let our skilled therapist help you unwind and revitalize in the tranquillity of your rainforest retreat.

a woman getting a back massage in a wooden room
Spa Indulgence

Pamper yourself with manicures, pedicures, and hair removal services. Our reflexology therapy will further enhance your relaxation during your stay.

Ayurvedic Healing

Elevate your well-being with ayurvedic healing (available with an additional cost). Explore ancient wisdom to balance your body and mind in the heart of the Amazon.