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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather like in Ecuador?

Because Ecuador is so geographically diverse, different regions experience different climates. Minga Lodge & Reserve, however, is in the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, the weather is hot and humid, but it is manageable with proper attire. The average temperature hovers around 26 degrees Celsius.

Can I bring laptop, iPad, expensive camera etc.?

Minga Lodge & Reserve suggests traveling as light as possible to minimize the risk of damage or loss of items. The Sanctuary and Nest cabins at Minga Lodge & Reserve can be locked and there is also a safe in each Sanctuary cabin where you can deposit your belongings for safekeeping. Minga Lodge & Reserve has Wi-Fi across the entire lodge so you can choose to be on or off the grid as much as you wish.

What will my meals be like at Minga Lodge?

The food at Minga Lodge & Reserve is thoughtfully designed and prepared under the leadership of our professional chef. You can expect to eat meals that highlight local fare as well as Western favorites. Superfoods are present every single day, such as morning smoothies created to help brain, heart and/or artery wellness. Much of the food you will be eating in what we lovingly call our “1-mile diet” comes from the Minga Agricultural Learning Center, a 70-hectare farm just across the river. We are also able to accommodate any dietary needs—just let us know before you leave for your trip.

What are other notable places to see and visit in Latin America?

Machu Picchu, the Galapagos, the Highlands of Ecuador, Patagonia and Cartagena are some of the extraordinary places that easily accessible from Quito. We are happy to work with you to build your customized extension.

What time zone is Ecuador in?

Quito is on ECT (Ecuador Time) and is the same as New York (Eastern Standard Time). However, Ecuador does not have Daylight Savings Time, so the  country is an hour behind during DST periods (in the summer months).

Is there filtered water?

The water at Minga Lodge & Reserve comes from natural springs. It is further purified before being used to prepare food and is chlorinated in all other areas of the lodge. Filtered water stations are available at many points on the property so you can refill your water bottle throughout the day.

What is the electrical voltage in Ecuador?

Plugs in Ecuador take 120v. Moreover, Ecuador’s outlets are the same as those in North America—two flat, parallel prongs.

Is there a minimum age for guests?

Minga Lodge & Reserve welcomes participants of all ages to visit – there is something fun and unique for everyone  to enjoy. Whether you are a family, a couple, or travelling with your company or on a group tour, each trip is thoughtfully tailored to your needs.