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Reviews and Testimonials


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Minga isn’t just a remarkable destination and transcendent eco lodge, it is a state of mind. Impossibly beautiful, improbably perfect, and as close to Shangri-la as one is likely to get on this earthly plane. The staff will become your family and the grounds your living classroom. While the food is extraordinary and the accommodations are decidedly lux..there is something greater at play here. There is Alchemy in the Amazonian Rainforest: Regeneration. From the moment you arrive, climb up from the
riverbanks and pass through the Minga laurels…your senses awaken as if for the first time. The vistas, the soundscapes, the smells…its not only exotic, it’s flat-out Magic. There is purpose, intention, and harmony in every corner and soul at Minga. Toucans soar overhead, Caimans red eyes glide through the dark grotto, and lizards dart across the trails. It is a feast for the senses. I have had the good fortune to have done some extraordinary adventure traveling in my lifetime and Minga leaves perhaps the largest imprint on the heart.

Stephen Kunken - Activist and actor

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"Nestled in the heart of the Amazon in Ecuador, Minga Lodge and Reserve is not just a destination; it's a living, breathing testament to the wonder and wisdom of nature. My family and I were privileged to spend time here, and what unfolded was an experience that defies mere words.

World-class amenities at Minga harmonize with the primal beauty of the Amazon, offering comfort without compromising the authenticity of the location. The spa and massage services are unparalleled, providing relaxation infused with the essence of the rainforest. We felt embraced by the surroundings, cradled in luxury yet connected to the raw beauty of the land.

The fantastic staff at Minga have a profound connection to the region. Their expertise and commitment to the environment create an atmosphere of knowledge and safety, allowing us to explore, work, and relax without concern. Their guidance added layers of understanding to our stay, enriching our experience of this remarkable place.

The food at Minga is an homage to the Amazon. So fresh and tasty, each bite was a fusion of traditional flavours and innovative culinary artistry. The meals became an integral part of our experience, connecting us with the local culture and the fertile abundance of the rainforest.

However, more than amenities, cuisine, or even the brilliant staff, it's the magical grounds of Minga that touched our souls. The Amazon is a place of mystery and majesty, and Minga captures this essence perfectly. The land whispered stories of ancient wisdom and timeless beauty, inviting us to a magical escape that felt both otherworldly and intimately familiar.

Minga Lodge and Reserve became more than a retreat location; it became a catalyst for reflection and renewal. In the embrace of the Amazon's heart, we found a sanctuary that fueled our work and our spirits.

We'll be back again, not merely as guests but as part of a community that Minga fosters. A community that respects nature, celebrates diversity, and seeks harmony.

My heartfelt thanks go to the Minga team for their exceptional care and for honouring the Amazon in all they do. Minga Lodge and Reserve is a treasure that must be experienced, a place where the heart of the Amazon beats in rhythm with our own."

Martin Luther King III - Social advocate

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